Life happens !

#SpecialMentionThank you to the great artist, Sneha Raj , for making this beautiful picture for my poetry, giving the meaning of the lines prominence, in a nutshell. Sneha has been making pictures for my stories since a long time now. You will find her art on her YouTube channel ( ) and in my stories –
Maya … An Illusion and When ‘Strange’ is welcome and now, in


Its not as easy as it seems,

Neither it is , as hard as u may think.

It’s a wave that you must ride

And float to the shore, on the other side.

It’s surely not as easy as it seems

But again, not as hard as you may think.

There are risks on the way.

Risks, where the wave might beat the ocean’s chest

And beneath the water let you lay.

Make a promise to yourself, to try your very best.

Swim to the top and pull apart the door to , what comes next.

Settling on a new wave that forms

And riding to the other side, in the storm.

Well, the journey does look hard until it’s done.

Life is full of surprises – sweet and sour

We always want the sweet to stay, every hour.

But sour will come as well, uninvited.

Shaking your mind up, with things that’ll never go as expected,

Let’s find a way to the shore where we would embrace it all , as it comes and goes.

Setting realistic goals and facing the storm ,

Gaining more confidence as we break the norm.

Life happens !

It might not always be how we want it to be. But hang on tight.

Know you will emerge a better person from here ,

And will be a savior of hopes, for most , with situations to fight.

Stay strong , let the storm pass.

What’s worse ? It will consume you on its way?

But, remember you’ll leave a mark,

To brighten up hearts,

To unleash the spirits to never give up.

We will all be gone one day,

But, will leave behind a world full of hopes and delight.

We’ll leave an impression to stay .

A story to tell, a legacy to share.

So, keep going and do not stop .

Open the blindfold, discard the fear, that keeps you from looking ahead ,

It’s best to accept and attempt to know the unknown.

A fearless person can see more light,

Win more battles and bring more cheer.

Life happens !

And it’s surely not as easy as it seems

But again, not as hard as you may think.

-Sohini Dutta

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