My Quotes on life III

Moments carry experiences. Experiences make ‘A LIFE’. Every moment has something to tell, has something in store for us, to feel. Even when unpleasant situations arise, we get some food for thought and learn. The book of life is in itself, a teacher that enlightens us with real life truths which no other books can teach.

Am glad that negative experiences happen, as they cause reforms – in our personality, our behavior and our vision …..Today my 9 quotes are on relationships —


“Live the moment, don’t live IN a moment,

Life is long and short at the same time,

Feel it, respect all the experiences and GROW. “

-Sohini Dutta



“Your family is your gift

Your friend is your choice.

Make friends wisely

Since with every acquaintance, you create an experience.”

-Sohini Dutta



“Attachment is like a bubble of illusions.

We get trapped in it

the more we think too fondly of someone.”

-Sohini Dutta



“Heated Arguments on trivial matters are unnecessary when,

a relationship is so full of love.

But, these arguments do help us determine, which ones will last .”

-Sohini Dutta



“Appreciation is the mother of motivation.

Appreciate any good work to encourage,

and motivate the making of a great society.”

-Sohini Dutta



“Being too forgiving might help you live in peace,

But, will let others take you for granted.”

-Sohini Dutta.



“Never plead to hold back a person you love

Since between two persons, their relationship is their responsibility.

If it breaks, it’s meant to be broken,

A true acquaintance will care for the bond you share.”

-Sohini Dutta


“Listen to your heart while building a relationship,

since it senses any negativity around

And alerts you right away.”

-Sohini Dutta


“You don’t need to go against nature

To maintain a relationship that is based on understanding.

You would just know that, it is, to last for a lifetime.”

-Sohini Dutta



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