Adam covered his face with his hands. Tightly. He dreaded even a little streak of light making way to his eyes. There was a huge chaos going on around him.

Sirens, wails and the sounds of traffic. Awful ! They all sounded awful !

He gathered some courage to look and slowly moved two fingers, uncovering his eyes.

Ahhhh ! The golden hair ! It still casts a spell on him . He looked on, like he always did, mesmerized by the beauty of it and the person who owned it . The hair was being blown by the breeze through the broken glass of the car window. He tried his best but, couldn’t see her face.

Alas ! He drove and merged with the ongoing traffic but her car jumped forward and hit the bend . The broken glass on the window was dripping blood .

Adam covered his eyes again. “Oh ! What have I done !” he exclaimed.


THE COUNSELING , HENRY’S RESIDENCE – Ellie and Adam both went for the sessions together. Henry’s dad’s counseling sessions were forty minutes long . And, the professional in him made sure, that the sessions were never stretched any longer.

Though Ellie had questions about its effectiveness in reality, Adam’s calm demeanor after the sessions made her think otherwise.

But, Henry’s dad was finding it very difficult to make Adam open up about his feelings. Seemed like he lacked trust on anyone. And this has been going on since years.

On the other hand Adam felt he has a friend now, someone who knew the darkest of his desires . His secrets. Adam had no secret keeper ever. None that he could trust. Since his childhood days he had learnt but, one thing. Your loved ones can sometimes break your trust too badly, leaving scars that time could never heal.

Alan….he would never know how much Adam longed for him. Not after the horrible memories he has left behind for his son, rather than love, laughter and blessings.

Now Adam had someone , someone  who would never leave him alone to fight all the battles of his life by himself. 

Being in the presence of his new friend, made a big difference in Adam’s personality these days. It is said that the company you enjoy, defines the person in you. So his smile looked a lot like the sinister grin on the man’s face- the man with the black hat, who dressed like a wizard . It was a smile that would never spread joy.

Ellie could see a reflection of Alan in him, and that made her shudder.

Henry’s dad was failing miserably in making Adam share what was going on in his head. Venting out was the first step in emptying your mind. Some patients can be really stubborn ! To make them think in some other way could be very challenging.

Adam seemed to hide his feelings a lot. Henry’s dad asked Ellie about that. Ellie told him that ever since Adam grew up, he was more of an introvert. Not that he did things that would scare her. But, yes he never shared his feelings with anyone. If his anxiousness never increased and he did not suffer from insomnia may be Ellie would have never known, how deep down he was struggling all the time.


AFTER THE COUNSELING SESSION, AT HENRY’S RESIDENCE – Adam closed his fist tightly as he sat in Henry’s room. He looked down at his hands, the yellow translucent bottle of pills peeked through the gaps of his fingers. These days he always carried it with him. One dose wasn’t enough now.

Adam’s eyes had dark circles around them. His skin was more pale than before.

So was this pill helping him in any way ? He did not have the strength to reason with himself anymore. The pill helped him see the man with the black hat, who dressed like a wizard. Someone, on whose shoulders he could cry. Someone who never judged him no matter what he did. The pill helped some of his dreams come true. And, that’s all that matters, isn’t it ?

Henry entered the room and shut the door with a thud ! He stopped for a second and looked at Adam. Adam was changing to someone he has never known before. Henry and Adam were childhood buddies. They fought often and Henry had the habit of teasing Adam a lot. This made Adam even more furious on him at times. But, somewhere deep within, Henry valued his friend dearly. In fact, Adam was the only dear friend he had. He was concerned.

Not that Adam always poured out his heart to him. In fact, he never did. But still, never before did things seem so weird to Henry . Adam could be introvert but, he can never have something really evil going on in him. Something, that he has to hide. He could never harm or hurt anybody, never…..Or, could he ?

Adam seemed unsettled as Henry started walking towards him . The expression on his face suggested that he would ask something, that he should not. Henry kneeled down in front of the chair where Adam was seated and looked straight into his eyes. Adam shivered as he tightened his jaws and clenched his fists. He knew what was coming . Henry should stay away from all this.  

“Are you still looking for Elsa?” Henry asked .  Adam looked at him startled. How did he know that ?

Henry yelled at him, “Are you serious? You don’t remember what happened ?” Then he paused and said, ” Wait a minute ! Or do you know much more than I have knowledge of ?”

Adam looked at Henry coldly, for a few seconds and then, sprang up from the chair. He rushed to the door and left the room.


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