Life happens !

Life is the one time gift we forget to honor and we forget to feel lucky to have received it. A gift that demands celebration of joy and sorrow. Celebration of getting the opportunity to feel a variety of emotions in multiple situations. This poetry says it all . Thank you Sneha Raj for making the lovely illustration.


This story is about Adam and his struggle with his own mind, until, he meets a man at the pharmacy... A weird man, dressed like a wizard who pushes a bottle of pills in his hands while there was a power-cut , before mysteriously disappearing in the darkness .
The pills started changing his life and formed a connection between him and the man. But, soon things start getting better or worse ? Read the story to know further.


Sometimes it is hard to understand and sort the complexities in life. Mind plays a major role when it comes to living healthily and happily with all your blessings, or with the luck that you might feel not quite blessed with. But what if some magic happens? Or is there something called magic for real ? Is it the mind playing games with him or his own world of situations that's making him crazier by the day? Read on to feel this boy, Adam and his mum, with whom you might be able to relate or they might feel like next door people to you. Life is real, but, sometimes too many problems set you on a run to a completely different world !
Is it magic??? Or your mind ??? Beware !!!


An accident or an imagination ? A fantasy or a reality ? When Adam struggles to release himself from the clutches of his biggest fear - his nightmares, something happens ... and that 'something' could be something sinister or you might call it a blessing.....

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