As the clock goes ticking, new experiences line our way….

So adding on to my casket of realizations while going through the pages of my book of life….Presenting to you MY QUOTES ON LIFE  PART- II, my realizations in my own words….

Negative criticism works more towards improving your abilities rather than appreciations.

These appreciations are motivating ,

but, the criticisms help in self realization and hence creating a better version of you in future.

 – Sohini Dutta



Everyone doesn’t appreciate a feedback which is true.

The color of the face changes and with it, changes their behavior, too.

If you have to , then tell them what they want to hear, give them what would keep their souls in peace – HYPOCRISY.

-Sohini Dutta



We want it or not , life will have surprises for us – sometimes of the most unpleasant kind,

Shedding tears or losing your cool doesn’t help solve anything,

The only way is to face what comes your way and be prepared for the worst, mentally,

Have faith on time …… ‘TIME CHANGES’.

-Sohini Dutta



Compete with yourself  and not with anyone else.

It is possible to improve your abilities.

But, impossible to possess the capabilities of others.

-Sohini Dutta



Anger is the biggest enemy one can have,

It induces you to commit mistakes and makes repentance your friend for life.

Why react,  when all the paths to the solution leads to but, one result?

Stay calm and you will reach the same destination with ease.

-Sohini Dutta.




Say something good, and notice the smile on your face.

Any negative word leaving your mouth or any negativity in your actions,

casts a dark shadow on your temperament .

Speak good, think good and feel good.

-Sohini Dutta.



No matter how much we plan for a situation,

At the time of its execution, our reaction is spontaneous and unexpected.

Hence instead of living in an illusion it is more practical to live in the present,

And act when necessary.

-Sohini Dutta.



The more we discuss  negative incidents and experiences,

It is more likely that we are going to remember it for a lifetime.

Repetition creates memories.

-Sohini Dutta.




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  1. ‘Repetition creates memory’ …. Very well said …. you can truly gave words to the real life experiences…really proud of you 🌹🌹…keep up the awesome work ..
    Wish you all the luck from Moon and Back…


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