When ‘Strange’ is welcome…(Chapter 7)- Part I.

CHAPTER 7-The Conclusion(Part I)

“Amy, dinner is ready”, Jessica shook Amanda’s shoulders lightly in order to wake her up.  Amanda slowly opened her eyes in response .

“Eat something, and then you can rest again”, Jessica looked at her and said, while preparing to walk out of the room. Amanda sat up quickly and called out to her,” Hey Jess ! Come here”. Jessica walked to her sister, who in turn held her hands saying, “Thank you, for always supporting me”. She paused. And then, smiling and raising both her hands in the air, said, “Now…. Okay I know what you will say. You are my family and I shouldn’t say thank you, as that’s your duty and all. But, I am afraid, everybody doesn’t realize their duties. Am proud of you that you’ve been such a good and responsible person all your life. But, I wonder, after that incident, why didn’t you let me go to the police, Jess? That would have saved me from the guilt.”

“Amy, look am sorry, but, I couldn’t do that. You didn’t have much memory of the events then. And I couldn’t let you be accused for the wrong reasons”, Jessica paused, and then continued, ” I had to know what happened clearly, but from what you were saying, I was not sure if the crime has been committed by you. You were under the effect of drugs, so what you did then, even you couldn’t clearly remember . What made you push him ? Or …. did you really push him? No, it can’t be, my sister can never commit a crime, whether or not she is under any influence . That I believe, and I know you pretty well. If Edward would not have been unconscious, after the accident , do you think he would have blamed you ?”, Jess asked Amanda.

“Some punishment at least, that’s all I needed”, Amanda sobbed. “We had to move soon after, and we never learnt about how he was, or which hospital he was taken to”, she said to Jessica.

Jessica whispered slowly, “Amanda everything is fine now. Even though it has been years, but, now you know, he is okay. You met him right? Now calm down and please focus on the present”. Then, she grinned and added, “I am not saying this because I made the dinner tonight, but, it’s mouth-watering, I swear. Taste the soup while it is still hot . Tell me if you need some crackers”. Amanda gave her little sister a hug and a kiss, and stepped down from the bed, walking towards the dining table.

The weekend passed, and this one was special. Firstly, for the new contract that Amanda signed and secondly because some good memories were required to be made , to temporarily diminish the impact of the negative ones . So the two sisters spent some quality time together. They enjoyed a movie in the movie theater , filled the weekend with all sorts of girlish chit chats, went for walks, prepared delicious recipes from a new cookbook, that Jessica got from some book shop. All of this, relaxed her and gave her enough space, to collect her thoughts and put them to rest. She regained her composure finally, after the series of memories attacked her conscience over and over again. So now she was all set to start her new job.

She got ready to visit her client’s office early in the morning. Over the weekend, she had some ideas drawn and some catchy tag lines prepared as well, for the advertisement. She placed the papers safely in a folder . Her mother also called in the morning, to wish her luck, and conveyed her dad’s regards, too, who was busy in a meeting then.

“Buh-bye Jess”, Amanda said, while walking towards the main entrance of their apartment. Jess replied,” All the best ! Have a great day !”.

Trrrrrrrch! A Cab came to a stop in front of a very tall building. The rear door opened and a pair of shiny blue heels stepped out of the car . A lovely lady leant forward, resting her hands on the door, and she slowly rose to her feet, moving her eyes upwards across the structure of the skyscraper. She turned back and hurriedly clunked the door of the car shut and faced the building again. Then, she slowly opened her shades , beneath which, was hidden a pair of dreamy blue eyes, with a blue shimmer eye shadow blended on the eye lids. Yes, this lovely lady, was all set to conquer her world of dreams, because it is much more harder to win the battles with your inner self, than with the entire world around you and this lovely lady was none other than Amanda, herself.  She was wearing a pretty blue dress, which fitted her slim toned body and carried a black leather hand bag and a folder in her hands. She swiftly walked towards the building entrance. Her brown hair was long, shiny, and wavy that extended to her hips. It bounced as she walked. She approached the receptionist, signing in her name and headed towards the elevator .

Floor 29. The elevator door swooshed open.

Amanda walked through the corridor reading the names on the doors, and then she saw the glass door , with the name Secure Ad agency on it. She went in through the entrance and introduced herself to the receptionist of the company. The receptionist dialed a number on the intercom and let somebody know of Amanda’s presence. Then she glanced at Amanda and asked her to take a seat. Amanda nodded and sat down, browsing through the sketches she made, reading the tag lines as she waited for someone to call her.

‘Pristine 909 , is the solution to your problem. Buy one, and see how cleaning becomes fun’, she read the tagline again and again. This was the first line that came to her mind, when she heard about the new vacuum cleaner, Pristine 909, which is about to be launched in a few weeks time. She was pleased with the line but, kept brain storming to find better and more attractive options. It wasn’t even past 5 minutes since she arrived, when the receptionist called her name and asked her to go, to Mr. Ross’s cabin, which she said, would be on her right, after she enters through the door.

Amanda both excited and nervous , started walking towards the way, as directed by the receptionist. It was her first day and she has roughly imagined a picture of how it would go. Now was the time to make her imaginations — a reality.



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