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After acquiring an honors degree ( Major) in Accountancy from the University of Calcutta , made a career in Company Secretaryship (CS), from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).
I love to read, bake, make sketches and cook but above all I love to express in the way I see things, in the way I feel ... My blog is all about being expressive in my own way, my style of presenting my own thoughts.
My works include stories and poetries, write-ups on personal experiences and my snippets from life.
I try my best to publish a work of fiction , every week, specially in parts or a poetry or lay down an experience worth sharing .
Feedback is highly appreciated and thank you all for visiting my blog and going through my works. You guys inspire me to write more and more.
Happy reading !


বন্ধু মানে মনের কথা আদান প্রদান করা। বন্ধু হল জীবনে এক চমক, গোপন করা । বন্ধু যেন মরুভূমিতে এক আশার জলাসয়। গ্রীষ্মের তীব্র রোদের তেজে এক শীতল আশ্রয়। খরার সময় বন্ধু যেন এক পশলা বৃষ্টি, এক অদ্ভুত সম্পর্ক, যার হয় মনের টানে সৃষ্টি । সুখের সময় বন্ধু যে হয় আহ্লাদে আটখানা । দুঃখের সময় সেই…

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My Quotes on life III

Moments carry experiences. Experiences make ‘A LIFE’. Every moment has something to tell, has something in store for us, to feel. Even when unpleasant situations arise, we get some food for thought and learn. The book of life is in itself, a teacher that enlightens us with real life truths which no other books can…

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