Author: Sohini Dutta

After acquiring an honors degree ( Major) in Accountancy from the University of Calcutta , made a career in Company Secretaryship (CS), from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). I love to read, bake, make sketches and cook but above all I love to express in the way I see things, in the way I feel ... My blog is all about being expressive in my own way, my style of presenting my own thoughts. My works include stories and poetries, write-ups on personal experiences and my snippets from life. I try my best to publish a work of fiction , every week, specially in parts or a poetry or lay down an experience worth sharing . Feedback is highly appreciated and thank you all for visiting my blog and going through my works. You guys inspire me to write more and more. Happy reading !
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মাতৃদিবসে তোমার জন্যে একটি ছোট্ট উপহার …

  আধাঁর রাতের চন্দ্রতারা, প্রকৃতির বাতি বলা যায়। মা তুমিও ঠিক তাদের মত করলে আমার জীবন আলোময় । মেঘে ঢাকা আকাশের কোলে, ছিল আমার শান্তি লুকিয়ে । তুমি আসলে জীবনে, হয়ে নতুন আশার আলো, দিলে […]