As the clock goes ticking, new experiences line our way.... So adding on to my casket of realizations while going through the pages of my book of life....Presenting to you MY QUOTES ON LIFE  PART- II, my realizations in my own words.... Negative criticism works more towards improving your abilities rather than appreciations. These appreciations... Continue Reading →

Recitation (Videos)

Nowadays time to sit and read is a struggle for all . Hence my idea of keeping you entertained through my works--- a new way of expression, new kinds of thoughts... So here you will find the audio version of my works. Happy listening 🙂

The Struggles to Victory…..

Another one from my school days--- Struggles are not something we want , but, it's importance , at the same time, can't be ignored. It helps us discover ourselves further, the hidden side of us, which we still have to fathom . Any living being acts best under pressure and this brings forth our strength and wits. Without struggle, the words—-success and victory- will have no meaning at all. So here’s a little poetry on it...

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