Reflections – Starting my YouTube channel in 2020 .

Sohini’s Kitchen – Discovering my passion.

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April 01,2020 – I started my YouTube channel.

To begin with let me share this , Dipanwita , Usha and most of my friends and family always suggested that I should start a YouTube channel and make recipe videos but I lacked confidence and was still in the learning mode, trying and learning a variety of dishes – almost any interesting recipe that caught my eye had to be tried and tasted.

It was fun to discover that I can cook . A CS ( Company Secretary ) by profession , I hardly experimented any kind of cooking before. It was more like – focus on your job and studies . The last 8 years helped me discover my passion, something that was so therapeutic – Cooking.

So that makes me wonder – even before knowing someone else altogether, how much do we know ourselves ? 🤔

Then, I set age goals – and starting YouTube was a goal, set for much later years . But then COVID-19 struck and shook the entire world. Lockdown ! Whoever could possible do work from home and remote learning , started the same. Routine, life – almost everything changed.

And so did my goal.

I tried experimenting making a small video – sharing a small tip for storing bread for a long period of time during this coronavirus outbreak, when it was scary to go out to the groceries or any crowded place.

Ahh ! That worked. I started making videos on a regular basis and worked harder and harder, learning and moving ahead step by step. Realizing that every work you do needs hard work, perseverance, love and dedication to shape up into something good – It’s just like building a beautiful house , making its foundation strong and steady .

Have taken suggestions and ideas from several people on my journey that made my experiences even better.

Today my channel is a 4000 plus subscribers family. Reflecting back on the chunks of time, energy , hard work invested on it – the little family of SOHINI’s Kitchen makes me feel that all of the efforts were worth it !

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻, hope to bring forth more amazing recipes with a pinch of uniqueness that everyone can cook easily.

And today I will take sometime to thank the aces in culinary arts who inspired me to cook – my mumma, didunma and maa( mother-in-law)

I have always found similarity in my mumma and maa’s (mother-in-law’s) dishes. Amazing ! Tanusree aunty , Bandana masi – my mom’s friends and who can easily bag a good number of awards if they particiiate in some cooking contests . 😃

Youtube channels – Priyanka Panigrahi, Manjula’s Kitchen, Natasha’s Kitchen, Emma and Preppy’s Kitchen. Thank you so much, if I have discovered my skills and passion it’s all because of you . Starting 2021 by thanking all of them for whom I learnt more skills and improved on them .

Thank you !


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