When ‘Strange’ is welcome…(Chapter 1)

CHAPTER 1The Beginning

Amanda sat beside the window, reading her favorite novel . Bright red curtains fell gracefully along the window jambs, swaying lightly as the zephyr blew into the room . The cool breeze brushed against her face , bringing down locks of hair, that she neatly clipped on her head. She smiled as she passed her fingers through her tresses, while turning a page of the book, she was reading.

The ambience in her room was such, that it just made her feel relaxed . Every door and window wore yards of red curtains, with which was appropriately matched the cerise shade of the silk linen that hugged her bed tight. Pillows, big and small, arrayed cozily near the headboard, and the walls right behind, was pinned with family photo tiles. Tiny lights lined the photo tiles on top, illuminating them, with just the right amount of brightness. Then there were the two lovely lampshades on the bed side tables, with several small, round candles, around them. These candles made the room smell of lavender. Turn around, and you would spot a book shelf, with  hand-written labels pasted on the edge of the shelves. They carried a variety of books sorted into their respective genres, as mentioned on the labels. Her study table had lots of papers stacked on them, with the pages, adorned with neat pearl-shaped handwriting. Umm..which must be hers. Some of them were type-written or printed, as well. Right beside the table was the window along which lay a plush, cream recliner . And , there she was, stretching on the recliner, reading a novel. 

‘Knock,knock….knock,knock’ , there was a loud tapping sound on her door, that almost made her jump to her feet.

“Oh no ! Not now”, she muttered to herself  … Such an important scene she was in. Another Christie plot was reaching its climax. Poirot was just about to make a witness spill the beans .. ughhh ! Who could it be now ! “Come in”, she responded loudly with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Jessica, her sister came in with a bunch of casual dresses and laid them on her bed. She walked to Amanda and said, “ You remember you have a meeting in the Treats restaurant today ? It will take at least 30 minutes to reach the venue. And you must have noticed the time, I assume?” She paused, and quickly peeked in the book her sister was reading, “ Ohhhh What ! You are still reading the book ? You can read it later, too, Amanda.” , she squealed in disappointment. Then she took a deep breath and said, “ I have got our clothes from the laundry , wear any dress from the lot and rush”. 

Amanda closed her book and glanced at her sister, with a little grin on her face . She is quite acting like an elder sibling now. Yes, over the past years , even her baby sister has grown up. Jessica is a final year law student, and is living with her, in a humble two bedroom apartment amidst the busy New York city. Amanda is a freelance copywriter . In an hour from now, she is supposed to meet her new client in a restaurant few blocks away. Another freelancing job is coming her way. She has already prepared the contract in  the last few days. She walked up to her study table, opened the drawer, took out a maroon file and pulled out the contract papers. Quickly turning the pages, she went through all the clauses again, and yeah ! They look perfect. She pushed the papers back into the file and hurried to take a shower.

This contract is important and she must get it, in order to find her niche in the freelancing world. Moreover, her savings was almost exhausted , since, a month of no work means scooping out a large portion of your savings. This job is important, very important indeed. This was going on and on in her head while she was getting ready for the meeting….

“There’s so much more to feel, much more to behold,

life’s always ready with a story untold “.

And there she heads to be part of the new story that her life would tell today……..

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