About Sohini …

A note from the writer :-

Hi there readers,

So glad to meet you all ! I am Sohini (@sohiniscribblescripts).

After graduating with an honors (major) in Accountancy , I made a career in Company Secretaryship(CS) from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) . Yes, corporate law was my favorite subject.

But then another phase of life began….

As the clock ticks, we grow and so I grew too and entered a home maker’s life. At my leisure, I love investing my time on making sketches, baking, photography and reading. But, above all I love writing .

My blog is all about being expressive in my own way. I love writing fiction . Imaginations take me through new paths of life, still unexplored in reality. Some of my stories reflect bits and chunks of my childhood memory while the others are completely a result of my creativity. Certain incidents in life , heard or experienced, when creatively penned down- it helps me sail through the pool of emotions with positivity. Besides, giving me the bonus of making a connection with the readers .

I love reading books. Even though am very busy these days I manage to read everyday . I write stories, poetries, articles, food reviews and quotes.

Hope I will be able to give you a whole lot of food for your soul. Enjoy reading and please leave your feedback , since that would help me be better than what I am today.

Thank you for visiting my blog and being part of my readers’ community.

About ‘A weaver at work’…..

A weaver at work presents to you my thoughts and imaginations , finely woven into a story or poetry or an article or even a quote.

I try to publish a writing every week. Though sometimes I do take a longer time to make a post. My little boy keeps me really busy at times . Do keep reading as that would motivate me to write further.

Feedback is highly appreciated and thank you all for visiting my blog .

Happy reading !

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