The Nawabs of kebabs – Bundoo Khan .

So, how about a delectable bite of some mouth-watering kebabs ? Or a taste of the perfect blend of spices in a mughlai style meat curry  ? Or a bite of soft and crunchy freshly made butter naans ? And hold on… not just these , but, a lot of other delicacies are on the list, just waiting to jump on your plate.
So take a deep breath and imagine the flavors ! But, can imaginations transform into a real picture ? I bet it can , and I have found a place where your imaginations will be served on your plate for real.


Introducing Bundoo Khan – a restaurant located on 2539 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Picture borrowed from the photo gallery of Bundoo Khan’s facebook page
The interiors of Bundoo Khan , Chicago


Bundoo Khan is a Pakistani restaurant with an efficient team working towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction. The food and service reflects their efforts .

It was a Saturday afternoon, when I visited the restaurant with my family on a friend’s recommendation. Though the restaurant is not large , with very limited seating arrangements, the interiors were inviting. It had a simple decor, soothing to the eyes, with pictures on the wall that depicted the Pakistani people,  their culture and heritage.

We were soon attended by a server who was in a professional Bundoo Khan labelled attire. She was polite and helped us with the food descriptions as we went ahead to place our order for lunch. We ordered chicken tenders , chicken malai boti kebabs and sheekh kebabs for starters. Both the kebabs were priced at 11.99 dollars each. The order of chicken tenders was priced at 5.99 dollars. For the main course we ordered highway mutton karahi (price – 29.99 dollars). Besides these we ordered butter naans (price-1.99 dollars each) and patti chai (price-2.49 dollars).

Chicken malai boti kebabs
Beef sheekh kebabs
Butter naans
Highway mutton karahi


After taking bites of all that we ordered, we can confidently state that Bundoo Khan is the place to be in , if you are craving for some delightful bites of mouth-watering kebabs and a variety of other delicacies. The Bundoo Khan team makes sure, to serve on your plate a selected variety of Pakistani cuisine, cooked to perfection. With every bite you get a feel of authenticity and uniqueness.

Yes, I’ve never tasted something like this before and I am talking about the chicken malai boti kebabs. It felt like they would melt in my mouth. The chicken was super tender, juicy, creamy and bursting with flavors . I highly recommend this dish to all, a must try item on their menu. The sheekh kebabs were equally good and very filling . The highway mutton karahi was served to us, sizzling in an iron cauldron. The blend of spices in this dish was beyond awesome . We enjoyed it with some yummy butter naans.

The chicken tenders ( available in both plain and spicy flavors) were soft and light goldenish in texture. We ordered the plain ones and they were cooked perfectly with all the juices intact . This dish is a wonderful delight for the kids.

We finished our meal with a chocolate lava cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (price =7.99 dollars). The cake was not too sweet and tasted heavenly.

On the whole, we had a wonderful experience dining in Bundoo Khan.

So, what are you waiting for ? If you are in and around Chicago , do not miss the amazing cuisines that Bundoo Khan offers. You may reserve seats before your visit by calling them  or just walk in. Though reserving seat seems a better idea on busy days . You can also order your food and make it to go.

Visit –> Bundoo Khan Chicago website  <— Click here for more information and contact details. You can follow them on facebook by liking the Bundoo Khan Facebook page .

Hope you enjoyed the food story !

– Food story by Sohini Dutta.
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