When ‘Strange’ is welcome…(Chapter 5)

CHAPTER 5 – A Forgotten Chapter

Strong winds were blowing. The branches of the trees bowed down before the powerful winds. Amanda could feel her hair all over her face, she quickly  pulled her hair strands back, holding them tightly over her head, so that she could see what was happening.  She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was like her mirror image standing right in front of her. Ahh… really ? How can that possibly be? And if it was actually happening, did she respond to her touch and turn back? Amanda scratched her head hard. Nothing made sense. She turned to check if someone else was there behind her, may be her ‘mirror image’ was looking at that other person, and not her. She looked behind. And she couldn’t believe what she was actually seeing. She rubbed her eyes, blinked several times and checked again and again.

She could see long brown hair, blue eyes, a burgundy tee shirt with pop art on it and cream color cargo pants…. that intense gaze and ….it was – Edward, yes, she could see Edward, standing at a distance, the same point towards which, her ‘mirror image’ was glancing. Ohh ! So she didn’t respond to her touch. Amanda realized actually nobody even noticed her, no one was even looking at her… She stood quietly for a while , trying to understand what was happening. Was it her dream or did she time travel to the past ? She pondered for a while, when suddenly she heard somebody call her name, loud and clear. She turned back smiling, thinking someone must’ve seen her, unlike the others. She couldn’t see the person, but, could see a figure emerging from behind Edward. His image became clear as he walked slowly past Edward. “Sam !”, Amanda exclaimed ! She was about to run towards Sam, when suddenly it was like her feet got glued to one place, not moving at all. She stood completely blank. It often happens at the dawn of a bitter realization. Though everything felt so real, she was silently watching her past . And her ‘mirror image’, was – she, herself, four years back. Now it can be understood, why nobody sensed her presence there.

She could see herself running towards Sam. She hugged him in excitement. “Hey ! I thought you’d never come . Where were you so busy? I was just about to leave. “, Amanda said . Sam kept looking at her, as if he was in love with her. He slowly moved his fingers through her tresses, pushing them behind her ears and holding her close enough, so that she could hear him whisper, he said , “My love, how could you think I would let you go without seeing me ?”. They kept talking to each other lost in their own world, not paying any attention to the world around them.  Edward was left unnoticed or rather noticed, but, ignored. Edward was used to getting this kind of behavior from Amanda in the past. She was the only girl in class whom he, so highly regarded….. to be his lady love. But, his feelings for her was unfortunately one-sided. She fairly understood how Edward felt for her, so she always ignored him. Edward  felt bad about her behavior towards him, but, his love was so strong that he was compelled to go near her. Trying his best, to at least talk to her, at least be friends, may be.

The college cafeteria : “Every part of our college has little bit of our struggles in it, don’t you think so ? It’s corners, it’s walls, classrooms , the garden area , every bit of it screams out the struggles of the students, that lead them to their dreams in future . I would miss the days I’ve spent here. What about you Sam ?” , Amanda asked Sam, while sitting in their favorite corner in the cafeteria, one last time. No one knows if they would again get an opportunity to come sit there again, after years. Sam nodded his head in agreement.    “So true”. Then abruptly he changed the topic, ” By the way Amanda, did you do something about the samples I gave you ? I told you to sell them among your friends remember? And for later orders, they should contact me. So what about that? Tell me.”, he looked curious. Amanda, pulled out a big packet from her bag. “Oh no! I didn’t get much time, but, still managed to call a few of them , from the ones whom you asked me to contact, over phone. It became more difficult for me, since, they used to be my friends, but, now we are hardly in touch. You told me they were powder samples and you were planning to create a market for them, to launch them. This would mark the beginning of your new venture, I understand and so I tried to convince them, too. But, they refused to pay a sum so big for the powder. I was wondering too, that they look like talcum powder, so why on Earth are they so expensive?”, Amanda looked into Sam’s eyes, expecting an explanation.

Sam suddenly got very angry. He stood up and grabbed Amanda by her elbow. “I don’t owe you an explanation. Do as I say. You will also get a share of the profits then, you understand ? It is not any ordinary talcum powder. Your friends whom I asked you to contact, are old customers of the product from different sellers. So they very well have an idea of this powder’s worth.I had a deadline, and you couldn’t help me in anyway. “, he yelled at Amanda , holding her hands and almost twisting her arms now . Amanda screamed in pain. She dropped the plastic bag and pushed Sam away. Sam returned to attack her with a greater force, pushing her to the floor. She has never seen this side of him before , the other side looked so much brighter.

Sam has changed. He was nothing close to how he was when she first met him. She has observed his behavior towards her changing lately, but, still did not complain as she felt that would affect their relationship. But, things were getting worse. Since Sam started this new venture, he has been so aggressive and irritated and secretive, that Amanda feels this is the reason for the change in him. Money has been his best friend and priority always. And she felt this time also it was all about the money. But, no there was something more to it …..

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