Shackled – (The mystery of the green box)—–Chapter 2.

The story of Durga and her green mystery box. The plot is based in Kolkata and Bangladesh . Life sometimes brings unexpected twists and one such twist, as strange as it could be, can completely change one’s life, dreams and everything surrounding that one person. Something similar happens to the protagonist. This story takes you on a stride with Durga, across two different cultures . Filled with drama and mystery … Shackled unfolds a story with rare events – some real and some imaginary ……

Shackled – (The mystery of the green box)- Chapter 1.

The story of Durga and her green mystery box. It’s based in Kolkata and Bangladesh . A plot that took me through the lanes of my city, Kolkata and also helped me explore the memories of different stories I heard from my Grandma and other elders about their days in East Bengal, the partition period and more. The green box idea in this plot was from my dear husband. One fine day he suddenly gave me this concept after hearing the title of a topic I was intending to write on , in a story-writing competition. I decided to incorporate his idea as the main spark in my story. Hope you all love reading it 🙂

When Strange is welcome…(Chapter 7)-PART III

How can someone be so nice, so forgiving? He didn’t ask for once…. why did she go away, abandoning him in the middle of the street, when, he needed her help the most ? He was severely injured, profusely bleeding. Chance of survival ? There was no surety about that. His only hope was ‘she’, when she left him. Then, why did he not stone her with accusations and words that would break her from within? Why did he show no signs of vengeance in him? Why was she not punished ? Why did he not tell the police about her? Too many questions. And these questions exerted massive pressure on her brain, as much as would make her brain explode.

When ‘Strange’ is welcome… (Chapter 7) -PART II

The door opened. The silence in the room was torn apart by the sound of a pair of shiny black oxfords, that drew nearer and nearer. Mr. Ross stood up and said, “Hello Mr. Miller”. Amanda turned back to check who entered the room. She looked at Mr. Miller.

Suddenly, she felt numbness all over her body. It felt like time froze in that moment. She could sense no sound around her. She was shocked. Her face started losing its color.

When ‘Strange’ is welcome…(Chapter 7)- Part I.

The rear door opened and a pair of shiny blue heels stepped out of the car . A lovely lady leant forward, resting her hands on the door, and she slowly rose to her feet, moving her eyes upwards across the structure of the skyscraper. She turned back and hurriedly clunked the door of the car shut and faced the building again. Then, she slowly opened her shades , beneath which, was hidden a pair of dreamy blue eyes, with a blue shimmer eye shadow blended on the eye lids.